Mark Lewis is one entertainer who can put audiences to sleep during his act and brag about it afterwards. His act isn’t boring -- he’s an Irish hypnotist and putting the audience to sleep is one part of his fascinating SHOW.

Lewis has a strange skill by the time you count to three, your hands which you’ve been told to clench and raise over your head, won’t come unlocked until he gives the word.

A skill like this could come in handy during a riot in the hands of the right people.

Lewis, who is appearing at a local venue at an early date, is also a magician and psychic entertainer.

There were three questions we had to ask this man of mystery.


How do you do the magic in your show?


That’s for you to figure out. I promised not to tell. (A disappointing answer, especially since he didn’t say who he promised).


What is a psychic entertainer and is it for real? Or is it just a magic trick like the other stuff you do?


A psychic entertainer is someone who presents psychic phenomena, such as Psychometry, E.S.P. and Palmistry in an entertaining manner. And it’s certainly not a magic trick. 25% of what I do is illusion and 75% of it is reality. I let the audience figure out which bit is which.


Do you make people look foolish when they are hypnotized?


I never ridicule anyone. If people are good enough to volunteer, then they should be treated with respect. Sure, they sometimes do crazy things like chase invisible canaries and fall in love with a broom, kissing it passionately, but I always try to stress the educational side of the phenomena and explain why the subjects are reacting as they do. Actually, hypnosis is a valuable therapeutic tool for various psychosomatic ailments and I mention this in my show. I encourage people in the audience to seek out a professional Hypnotherapist if they need it.

Asked if he had any predictions for the coming months, he replied, there will be a drug scandal involving a leading Canadian politician. I also see a large earthquake in Canada, but remarkably few casualties.



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