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Mark Lewis is a magician and hypnotist. In addition to these talents he is also a psychic entertainer. Now of course the question arises “What is a psychic entertainer?” Well, the best definition would be; a performer who presents apparent feats of the paranormal such as ESP, Psychometry , clairvoyance etc, in an entertaining manner. Another name used frequently by this type of entertainer is mentalist. Actually, the simplest terminology is the old fashioned one—A Mind reading act!

Mark Lewis does not make outlandish claims of so-called supernatural abilities. He prefers his audience to judge for themselves. One third of audience are merely curious, one third are complete believers, and the remaining third are downright skeptics! It is the controversy about his “Psychic” abilities which provides the fuel to light the fire, which makes the performance entertaining.

Well you may ask, “Is he real or isn’t he?” His answer is “ Some of what I do is illusion, some of it is reality, in other words, some of it is real, some of it is not so real. I let the audience figure out which is which.” Despite this semi disclaimer, people cling to the belief that Mark Lewis is really psychic.

This is probably because in addition to being an entertainer he is a very famous palmist, astrologer and tarot reader. He has done psychic readings all over the world. In Ireland especially he became a household name because of extensive media coverage, concerning his psychic and hypnosis activities.

Most mind reading acts affect a very serious style of presentation, not Mark!

He is fast and funny, he believes he is there to entertain, not educate.

ESP is fascinating but it must be entertaining. While other mentalists are slow, ponderous, and present complicated and convoluted routines, Mark is direct and to the point. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, either.

He will joke around when performing since he believes there is no rule that a psychic can’t have a sense of humor! He breaks other rules too; it is standard wisdom that a psychic entertainer should never do standard magic tricks in his acts, lest the audience suspect the psychic part of the show is also a trick. Mark doesn’t care, he does card tricks galore. To the horror of his more serious colleagues he will do fancy card shuffles and manipulations a-plenty. This is completely against standard wisdom earning much disapproval from his peers but acclaim from his audiences!

His reasoning “I’m trying to entertain my audience, not start a new religion, it makes no real difference whether I do magic tricks, joke around or do fancy shuffles, the believers will still believe, the skeptics will still be skeptical, the curious will still be curious. And everybody will still be entertained which is the real reason I am there in the first place.”



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